1. I haven't found lint in my belly-button in a while. Maybe my belly-button is defective. I should look for an upgrade.
  2. I need to go to my mind palace
  3. I love deodorant. Especially when other people take advantage of it.
  4. Hey, AP style! The Oxford comma is a very valid and beloved part of the English experience
  5. Why don't I have my own tv show??
  6. Do I really need another pair of rainbow knee socks? OF COURSE I DO!
  7. Does this blanket smells like wicker basket to anyone else? *sniff sniff* yes. Now I must burry myself in its glory.
  8. I must get everyone's attention and alert them immediately. *clears throat* good. They're all watching me. "I DON'T KNOW IF YOU KNOW THIS, BUT... *insert extremely obvious fact*" success.
  9. Look out, Miriam, there's absolutely nothing in front of you. Don't trip! Don't trip! -__- you tripped.
  10. I wonder if there are any goldfish around here...I could really go for a snack
  11. Now seems like a good time for a ninja roll
  12. And strike a pose!