(Disclaimer: these are speculation. Feel free to suggest edits and additions!)
  1. Fuzzy
    You enjoy popcorn and slow music. Comfort is key, and winter is your season.
  2. Knee-high rainbow
    Your sense of humor is on point. You're also spontaneous and love gummy worms.
  3. Toe
    You are a free spirit who enjoys skydiving. Your biggest secret involves a gum ball and ten rubber gloves.
  4. Nike
    Basketball is bae. You either play it, watch it, or are a secret agent pretending to be in the NBA.
  5. Piano
    You are severely optimistic and love a challenge. You've always wanted to rule the world. On the off-chance that you do become the world ruler, you have diagramed your dream palace staircase.
  6. Superhero
    You love puppies and kittens. One day you hope to rescue one from a tree. You also are probably allergic to gluten.
  7. Star Wars
    You're terrified of trash compactors. You have a large ring of friends, and you make a point to be there for them. You also love peach rings.
  8. Crew
    Routines are the ultimate key to life, and you don't really like change. But donuts are your absolute favorite thing, especially Boston cream.
  9. All of the above
    You are my twin. And we are soulmates.
  10. over the knee
    You're very cute. You haven't shaved your legs in a long time. You're usually cold. Dogs and Netflix are important to you. [yes I'm basically describing myself shh]
    Suggested by   @jessacosta