I wish well-spent Sundays happened more often.
  1. Coffee. Nothing happens before there is coffee in my system.
  2. Go to the gym
    And when I say go to the gym, I view this as more of a social event because I get to tell all the cool girls who work at the front desk about my favourite SNL skits from the night before.
  3. Make a spinach and cheese omelette (and more coffee)
    Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. This morning I ate my omelette with mustard, pickled eggplants, and my favourite cranberry toast because I am not ashamed to be basic.
  4. Read the actual newspaper
    As much as I appreciate the ability to have real time updates from the New York Times app, nothing warms my old soul more than the smell of the physical newspaper. Today an entire section of the local paper was dedicated to the Jian Ghomeshi trial and I soaked in every last word.
  5. Catch up on podcasts
    Sarah Koenig's voice projecting throughout my entire house as she gives me updates on Adnan's trial is the true definition of home.
  6. Laundry
    Okay, this is a rare occurrence because I only like to do laundry once I've realized I'm out of clean underwear. I am a dirty individual and laundry is the WORST chore.
  7. Call my 91 year old grandmother so she can give me updates on the latest celebrity divorce scandal
  8. Read
    Currently: Gloria Steinhem's book and I am LOVING it. Open to any suggestions for my best read.
  9. Watch TV
    I know all my fellow TV nerds can relate to my manic Sunday night DVR schedule. Managing to watch Girls, Shameless, The Leftovers, The Affair, and The Good Wife all in on night will always be considered one of my greatest achievements.
  10. Set my alarm/mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare for the fact that tomorrow is Monday.
    Monday blues are a real thing, y'all.