We are the definition of dysfunctional.
  1. Eat fast or you don't eat
  2. There's always at least one "oops baby"
    And you will be made fun of until the end of time if said baby is you.
  3. You'll never be the best at anything
    This is not a bad thing.
  4. You and your cousins will always get matching Christmas gifts
  5. Family vacations are impossible to plan/coordinate
    I have been on a total of, like, twelve cruise vacations because of this fact. Also, bringing walkie talkies on the ship will not prevent you from losing your crazy uncle on the ledo deck.
  6. Someone is always fighting with someone else about whose turn it was to take your grandmother to church
  7. Co-ed sports teams are some of the best summer memories you will ever have
  8. There is no shortage of babysitters.
    You end of babysitting the children of the cousin who babysat you as a child. Full circle.
  9. You will get noise complaints at family gatherings.
    This happens at least three times a year. We are sorry, neighbours.
  10. Everything is a race. Everything.
    Physically, mentally, emotionally. Whether it's racing on the road and betting which overpacked car will get to the campsite first, or racing to get the best seat on the couch, or even racing to graduate first, everything is a (healthy) competition.
  11. You will grow up feeling like you have ten siblings who will always and forever be your best friends.
    I secretly enjoy fighting with my family because at the end of the day I know how much we love each other and that they're always gonna be my rock to lean on and support me through everything. I love them and I wouldn't trade them for the world.