A day in the life of my stomach during PMS.
  1. A croissant. With lots of butter. Straight from France.
  2. Coffee, always.
  3. Popcorn.
  4. French fries with mayo. Not ketchup.
  5. A largest mug of hot cocoa you have ever seen. The darker the chocolate, the better.
  6. Salt and vinegar chips (with extra vinegar).
  7. A really good Cesar salad.
  8. Iberico cheese and grapes on the side.
    Any kind of artisanal cheese will do, really.
  9. A Twix bar
    I like to live off of leftover Halloween treats for at least a month.
  10. Your love and friendship
    Hello, new followers and friends! I love all you beautiful weirdos. 💖💖