These are the things that kept me company on my drive to work this week.
  1. The Hamilton cast recording
    Because it's fucking revolutionary. That's all you need to know. Go see it. Go listen to it.
  2. Heartburn on Audible
    The most important piece of literature (basically everything by Nora Ephron is life changing) is made even better when read aloud by Meryl Streep.
  3. Womp It Up podcast
    I've officially listened to every episode three times and I need @lennonparham and Jessica St. Clair to git on the get and make some more.
  4. Joni Mitchell's Blue
    The best album of all time. Especially when listened to while driving through the sunset after a long day. Perfection.
  5. Some radio contests
    This week I learned that I know more random trivia than the average person and could've easily won $2000 because I know when to stop opening the hypothetical vaults.
  6. The Blue Jays game
    Because sports don't understand that people have to work and can't be home at three o'clock on a Wednesday.
  7. Hello, the new Adele song
    I may or may not have already memorized all the lyrics and also may or may not have shed a few tears while alone in my car because I'm an emotionally stable human being.
  8. My J.Lo playlist
    All the old hits. Most notably, Love Don't Cost A Thing, Waiting for Tonight, Jenny From the Block, and anything with the phenomenal Mr. Ja Rule. Also, anyone who says Get Right is not an incredible tune is wrong.