Inspired by @DG and @tombatten
  1. Connecticut
    I actually don't have a memory for CT because I was less than a year old I went. glad this list is off to a strong start
  2. Delaware
    visited UD with no intention of applying. this list will improve I swear
  3. DC
    was blessed with the opportunity to take this picture
  4. Florida
    our senior class trip was to Disney, and on the arrival night, the teachers bought us (~200 kids) pizza, and served it out of one of the teacher's hotel rooms. my friends' and my room was right next door, so we got a whole box to ourselves before everyone else. ten minutes later, 200 kids appeared all at once, lined up in the hall, directly opposite our enormous glass sliding door. so we ate our pizza really dramatically, like it was life-changing good, in front of all of them
  5. Hawaii
    visiting the Hawaii tropical botanical garden. to describe it as the most lush, vivid, color-saturated place I had ever seen does not approach doing it justice
  6. Illinois
    in Chicago my friend and I trying to figure out where to get deep dish. this young woman immediately approached us and asked if we needed help, then told us where to get pizza and directions, then complimented my boots and asked me where I got them. I remember thinking, wow Midwesterners really ARE that nice!
  7. anonymous state (#confidential but actually)
    I was at this client's house, and their asst. was talking about some objects they were sending back to an auction house. she had accidentally thrown out two pieces that went with the objects, and was so nervous to tell the client. when she finally did, they said "don't lose any sleep over it at all! they were only $4000! the last girl [asst.] cost me $100,000! don't worry about it!" #adoptme
  8. Massachusetts
    my best friend is from MA and one time we were eating dinner outside at this restaurant on Newbury street, trying to eat this TOWER of onion rings which we really thought the waiter could've warned us about considering it was just us two, when all of a sudden this woman walked in with like, the biggest breasts I've ever seen. I was all "damn her boobs are OUT," but then all of a sudden we notice people are kind of freaking, and it's Sabrina the teenage witch's aunt Hilda (Caroline rhea)
  9. New Jersey
    my family used to stay right on 9th street in ocean city and the two minute walk from the hotel to the boardwalk is just like pleasant to think about
  10. New York
    last year, I went on an art history dept trip to moma to see the Jacob Lawrence show on the same day my thesis was due, because I knew I'd really have till the next week anyway. glad I went to see the show instead, it was really well done
  11. Pennsylvania
    when I was a curatorial intern for the European paintings and sculpture before 1900 dept at the PMA aka living my dream. we got to go up on the roof and it was #sick and even the curators were jealous of us and I was like omgmyheroesarejealousofme
  12. anonymous state (still #confidential)
    I was at a client's house with another appraiser, and the client had been making digs at me all week (i.e., "you should get back to the hotel, your bedtime is probably what, 9 pm??") and then after the zillionth one, I turn to the appraiser and go "I don't think he respects I think he hates me" and then we started laughing until we were doubled over and the rest of the week was amazing because everything he said was ammo.
  13. Utah
    en route to Hawaii, we had an unexpected six hour layover at the Salt Lake City airport. my parents rented a portable DVD player for my brother and me, and we watched Dinosaur. it resulted in credit card theft (the thief mainly bought jewelry and Malaysian monster truck tires- a man of many interests)
  14. Virginia
    went to Virginia beach with school my freshman year, and my roommates buried me in our luggage to fuck with our teacher when she came around for room checks