everyday is festivus
  1. how much content exists. there is Too Much. books, magazines, movies, tv, the open sewer that is the Internet. it feels like we're all collectively screaming into the Void
  2. people who drive below the speed limit during morning rush hour
    I get very riled up
  3. de-exclamation pointing my work emails. how will they know I am kind???
  4. people who say they hate celebrities, like as people, and think every move they make is calculated
    to them, you are not even a citizen who lived on that speck of dust on that dandelion in Horton hears a who. go wash your face, drink a glass of water, and lay down.
  5. how whenever a movie, show or commercial needs some complete uptight asshole to serve as the unfeeling, uncool pillar of the Traditional, that asshole is British. too predictable
  6. people who speed on residential streets
  7. the way used coffee grounds smell revolting?
    it doesn't make sense? is there an explanation?