1. HI, I'm Micaela
    pronounced mih-kale-uh (not mc-kayla) (in middle school my friends called me ginger-ale-uh because when I met them I said my name rhymed with that)
  2. I'm 24
  3. currently, I am sitting in the middle of a Family Meeting™ about what time we should leave for my brother's graduation tomorrow
    it is tearing us apart
  4. I have a BA and MA in art history
    I'm a modernist, best-versed in the post-impressionists (my theses were about Van Gogh)
  5. we have two pups, Penny and Benji
    who I listroduced™ [edit: I said introduced at first HOW could I miss that opportunity] here: MEET PENNY AND BENJI (COLLECTIVELY, PENJI)
  6. in the fall I will start an MA program in communications, which I am vair excited about!
    and the list app (because we weren't li.st yet) gave me some really valuable input on that decision, props to y'all
  7. I could live exclusively on brie and fig paste
  8. I was supposed to go to the dentist for my six-month appt back in January but I haven't even scheduled one yet
    unsure as to why I would even volunteer this information but it is at the forefront of my brain so
  9. lastly, this is far and away my favorite app- you guys and your lists are awesome!!