1. Liz Lemon
    just a nerd trying to have it all. "I took one of those 'which gossip girl are you?' quizzes, and it said I was the dad's guitar."
  2. Mindy Lahiri
    attitude, fashion, vanity, and a heart of gold.
  3. Holly Golightly
    embraces being a "wild thing" until she learns not to anymore. is very breezy. entire wardrobe by givenchy is a plus, too.
  4. Bridget Jones
    my favorite thing about Bridget? her hot boyfriends. only kidding. a little. Bridget is relatable in a funny way, and strong-willed when she needs to be.
  5. Cher Horowitz
    another breezy gal with the best of intentions, deep down. great clothes, greater closet technology.
  6. Blair Waldorf
    the bitch can scheme. she's complex, at least compared to serena. I could never be as mean, calculating, or manipulative as her, but it's something to aspire to, anyway.
  7. Gabrielle Solis
    hilarious as a function of her self-centeredness.