🌸spring cleaning🌸
  1. iPod
  2. hit clips
    with bangin selection of ..bits.... of songs...
  3. game boy color
  4. floppy disk with my fifth grade A+ Emily Dickinson presentation
  5. beanie babies
    how can beanie babies be defunct you ask? they are plush toys? no. they were supposed to be small bundles of money and everyone my age still secretly harbors a belief that they might be worth something one day. but if I look into my soul all I see is me slapping myself with a Booties the kitten yelling at me to accept the truth. they will never be valuable and for that reason: defunct. (ps no picture of my own because they're in a bag at the very back of my closet. but I still need them.)
  6. these change purses
    idk maybe people still use them? not me tho and yet here they are
  7. i-zone Polaroid
    still officially functional, but seems less practical than an iPhone, somehow? idk.