let's all crowdsource together and decide my future
  1. HELP
  2. I need to decide between pursuing a dual degree program for an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing or apply for an MA in Communications
  3. I already have an MA in Art History and I absolutely loved every second of it, but it hasn't helped me to find a job
  4. I graduated with the MA in May 2015, and after 8 months of diligently job searching, I landed an internship in art appraisals/advisory
    I was there from January until two days ago, because I can tell that it's not the right path for me
  5. I have decided to go back to grad school with the sole purpose of preparing to create a career for myself
    and I'm not sure there's ever going to be a job I love so much that I'd do it regardless of pay- so my goal here is to find a job that will afford me fiscal independence
  6. I really thought for sure communications would be a great way to accomplish that goal
  7. but then today I had an informational interview with the chair of the English/writing program, and it seems kind of perfect for me, course-wise
  8. here is my dilemma:
  9. Pros of English/writing: I'd get courses I know I would like, there is a lot of study abroad opportunity, and the chair offered me the position of graduate assistant (he is one of those profs that everyone loves- I bet it'd be a lot of fun)
    Cons of English/writing: I am very worried about well-paying career prospects with this degree; my art history program was also filled with courses I really loved and this time around I told myself it would be for career preparation. am I losing my resolve? or is it possible that I could both love my program AND find job security
  10. Pros of Comm: I feel this is a more specialized and professional degree, which would hopefully set me up for a successful career (my initial goal, after all), it's also a slightly larger program which I just think I might like
    Cons of Comm: because I know less about communications in general, I can't say I will love those classes like I'd love the English and writing ones. however, it is training and preparation for a job I might really enjoy- I just need to do the legwork now
  11. if you made it through this mess of a list, and have any insight whatsoever into careers in communications or whatever comes of English and writing, I will be forever indebted to you and thank you in the thesis I write for whichever program I end up picking