*linda belcher voice* lil baaaby
  1. at 8 weeks, but a fluff
  2. ur eyes will strengthen, worry not
  3. soaking up knowledge via osmosis, my tiny intellect
  4. rip these pillows now that he is no longer 4 lbs
  5. still a mere bebe
  6. ~rebellious~
    although I know he was not the mastermind on this one
  7. jus thinkin bout life
  8. me honestly
  9. with the big sis looking scraggly af
  10. much better
  11. damn gorl
  12. lil angels
  13. no need to look so concerned friend
  14. u r not a real dog
  15. an 18 mo. baby or a dog with a sore bottom?? or both??
  16. AH
  17. rifling in the hostas
  18. my heroes
  19. lit'rally in the process of being blessed
  20. nighty night
  21. fresh ta death
  22. contemplating the heavy stuff
  23. basking
  24. thinker of deep thoughts
  25. so happy, so full of joy
  26. ps is dog photographer a lucrative career?