you know what at least I never had a screen name that started and ended xX Xx
    I was in fourth grade and wanted my sn to be swimchick17. my parents thought this sounded like I was a hot 17 year old. so we compromised with CUTIE80GIRL. because it was so similar.
  2. my birthstone is an amethyst. i really can't tell you why I thought it was so important to a. have an email at age like 9 (I guess for my important affairs) or b. call upon a stone I do not even like and definitely could not spell
  3. swimbuddy
    I am The Swimbuddy™
  4. RaYbObRoX77
    Raybob was the name of this trophy that got to live at the swim club of the team who won the most meets that summer. my team had him for 8 consecutive years. I mean he rox-ed. and I liked the number 7.
  5. schillervision
    from that Chris Farley hidden camera commercial SNL sketch? which I def memorized? k.
  6. this email can still get me into my myspace. also this provider was from our dial-up days, which lasted through two thousand fucking SEVEN