Requested by @aus10
this is so pertinent to my life actually. I have a $50 gift card to Amazon which probably IS only worth $20 at this point because it's been sitting around for so long. thanks @aus10!
  1. a can of carbon's waffle mix
    my family loves this shit. we ordered it after my brother asked his college's dining hall which mix they use. now we have College Waffles™ all the time!
  2. maybe like one lens from a pair of raybans
    the side with the logo obvi. so I can pop it into some fakes and be one-quarter real fancy and three-quarters fake fancy, which I think is a nice balance to strike
  3. books on books of Lisa frank stickers
    I just always need to have some
  4. or these books, which are actually on my wish list
    Audrey at Home: Memories of my Mother's Kitchen, Luca Dotti / Women Before 10 AM, Veronique Vial / The Portable Dorothy Parker / Van Gogh, Face to Face: The Portraits