disclaimer: the last time I saw a basketball game it was the year 2000 and my friend was turning 8 so we went and saw the sixers. and then the time after that was last week when nova beat Kansas but my brother goes to nova, my best friend is an alum, her dad is a prof, and I actually have a business minor from there. so...✌️😼
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    6:07 imminent
  2. •
    oh someone just said tip off
  3. •
    6:09: it happened!!
  4. •
    OU got it oops
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    there is no POSSIBLE way I am older than every person on the court
  6. •
    wait what it's already 3-2?? it's been like 45 seconds what
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    4-3!! nova
  8. •
    no wait 5-4 OU
    this is so fast-paced
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    10-7 nova! it has been four minutes the points can't possibly mean anything if they can get them that fast
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    second commercial! time to settle in with a healthy choice cafe steamer. the official game time food of the NCAA
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    hey 23-17 alrighty! go cats!!
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    there's jay wright looking profesh
  13. •
    someone should invent either a shoe or floor that is more resistant to squeaking
  14. •
    something exciting almost just happened and I actually gasped and my dog popped up and looked at me with a surprised face
    sorry won't happen again sorry
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    why so many cOMMERCIALS
  16. •
    ok I think some of these men are secretly 45
    like in orphan. perhaps they are only masquerading as college students
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    28-17 cats! HAY!
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    my brother and dad have wandered off
  19. •
    my mom made my brother come back
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    is this the sport that people compare to jazz? I could see that
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    hey where is piccolo girl
  22. •
    she must be here because she recorded a local commercial where she said tried to act all tough and it was very
  23. •
    damn hart WORK
    I think he is in class with my best friend's little sister
  24. •
    42-28 nova at halftime❕❕❕
  25. •
    what does always reppin' mean. is it embarrassing that I don't get it.
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    just opened some tortilla chips and all of a sudden my dog and me are best friends
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    you are so transparent
  28. •
    back from halftime and OU is catching up FIX IT JAY
  29. •
    omg the slow-mo of everyone just missing the ball. I want more of that
  30. •
    it is miraculous that we made it to the second half
  31. •
    would just like to touch on the loudness of shoe/floor squeakage again
  32. •
    there seems to be some sort of kerfuffle happening
  33. •
    truly I think one day someone's gonna rip the rim right off the backboard
  34. •
    omg hart AGAIN
    YAS 3️⃣
  35. •
    OK JAY
  36. •
    62-41 nova
    to quote the broadcaster: Villanova: sensational!
  37. •
    how do they just get the ball right in like that?
    I know it's the whole premise but idk I'm just wondering. I mean I know the answer is practice and talent but still like how? na mean?
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    the bidens are here!!!
    Jill has an MA from nova according to my mom
  39. •
    oh no 23 is limping are you ok
    someone offer him a cold compress
  40. •
    oh good jay is conferring with him
  41. •
  42. •
    these stats they keep throwing up on the screen may as well be hieroglyphs
  43. •
  44. •
    I feel I am gaining some insight into one tree hill in watching a whole game
    arcidiacono kinda looks like Nathan actually
  45. •
  46. •
    just learned what a turnover is
  47. •
    final score: 95-51
  48. •
    largest margin of victory in final four history
  49. •
    OK third basketball game viewing a success
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