These are my dogs. Penny (aka Pendleton, Pennifer Aniston, Pennsatucky, Pen-pen, Penelope, white fang) will be 2 in April, and Benji (aka Benji-benj and Bye Bye Benji sung to the tune of the title song of Bye Bye Birdie) will be 2 in June.
  1. this is infant Penny. we are told she is a shih-schnoodle, which I am 100% confident is a breed the girl made up on the spot when we asked what kind of dog Penny was
  2. here is Benj as a puppy. he is this guy 😛
  3. Penny enjoys a good stick
  4. and is very inquisitive
  5. Benji is a tad more reserved
  6. and enjoys a good book
  7. they both like pillows...
  8. but they will also settle for using each other
  9. occasionally they are mischievous
  10. and have no regrets
  11. NONE
  12. but mostly they are lil angels
  13. (exhibit A. here is penny receiving a message from the lord)
  14. who are very patient picture-takers
  15. her bow tie kills me
  16. and once upon a time benji had to sport an 18 mo. onesie
  17. their sleeping patterns are very symmetrical
  18. but also sometimes not
  19. in their free time, Penji enjoy looking out windows
  20. in conclusion
  21. pen and ben are a gr8 duo!
  22. BONUS this picture where penny looks like an old prospector