Requested by @BWN_7
thanks for the request @BWN_7 !
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    imagine, if you will, Christmas Eve 2003
    but at my grandparents' house, not your house
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    I was just about to turn 12, and my brother was almost 10
    we're both February babies 💘
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    we were all at my grandparents' for Christmas Eve dinner
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    and my parents/grandparents said we could each open one present that night
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    so they handed us each these fairly large, but very thin gifts
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    we opened them at the same time, and saw that they were tropical-themed calendars
    we were like
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    but on the front, there was a note!
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    it read: dear Micaela, you can use this calendar to count down the days until we go to Hawaii!
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    and then we went apeshit
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    we ran circles around the house for probably 20 minutes
    shrieking the entire time
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    it was hands-down the best gift and gift-presentation I have ever received
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    that was a really great night
    (and a really great trip!)
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    🌸🌺🌸the end🌸🌺🌸