Paul Gauguin (1848-1903): good artist, bad person, has to have that extra u in his name
  1. before dedicating his life to painting, he had been a successful stockbroker in Paris, and practiced art only as a "Sunday painter"
    which is exactly what it sounds like
  2. in 1882, the Paris stock market crashed, and two years later, he moved his Danish wife of 9 years, Mette-Sophie Gad, and their five kids up to Copenhagen
  3. where he decided to sell TARPS. like straight up sheets of waterproof cloth. guess what. this wasn't as wildly lucrative as it sounds like it'd be!!!
  4. this left his wife to be the breadwinner
    and she was because females are strong as hell
  5. and he acted like such an #artiste that he drove his family to ask him to leave
  6. so he moved back to Paris with his six year old son, Clovis
  7. Clovis became sick, and Gauguin decided to put him in boarding school, which his SISTER paid for
  8. in 1886, he traveled to Port-Aven in Brittany, hoping to live a """primitive""" lifestyle
    f off
  9. ((the Bretons knew he was a gigantic dipshit tourist and played up what he and others expected to see)))
  10. he then traveled to Panama, followed by Martinique
    aka he is on perpetual tropical vacay while his children are raised by their single mom in cold af Denmark. good. glad we got that straight. (no shade to Denmark I really want to visit there one day I am very into hygge)
  11. but you know why he ended up in Martinique??? he had squandered all the money he had and was relying on a French repatriation law that said if a Frenchman was broke or stranded on a French colony, the state would pay for a boat trip back
  12. so he's on his free trip back to France and just decides to get off at Martinique instead
    this guy
  13. in Martinique, he paints some works that Vincent Van Gogh's brother Theo, ends up buying for his own dealership; at this point Vincent and Paul become friends in Paris
    think of Theo as the polar opposite of Gauguin and a beacon for all that is good
  14. in 1888, Vincent is not doing so well in his yellow house in Arles
    he moved to the south of France because he wanted to form a brotherhood with other artists and live in peace and harmony but he ended up (unintentionally) being the weird guy who freaks everyone out. bless his lil heart tho he really tried
  15. so Theo IMPLORES Gauguin to go visit him and try and cheer him up etc
    and Gauguin was like eeehhhhhhhhh I don't feel like it
  16. but he did end up going for nine weeks
  17. and Vincent is so excited for Gauguin to get there and he makes up his room all nice for him and everything
  18. and Gauguin arrives and acts like an asshole
    are we surprised
  19. and on December 23 it gets so bad that Gauguin (CLAIMS) Vincent approached him with a razor
  20. which he used later that night to cut off part of his ear and give to a prostitute name rachel
    merry Christmas Rachel
  21. and Gauguin is like pCe
  22. and later has the gall to say that he was very instrumental in Vincent's painting during that time????????????
  23. no??????????
  24. Gauguin worked from his memory/mind/imagination. Vincent worked ONLY directly from nature
    except for the starry night, but that is a whole different list
  25. the only time Vincent EVER worked from memory, at Gauguin's behest, was for "memory of the garden at etten" and Vincent said "no not for me sorry"
  26. so after he left that disaster in his wake, he decided in 1891 to go to Tahiti to escape European civilization and "everything that is artificial and conventional"
    just rolled my eyes so far back in my head they got stuck
  27. he gets to Tahiti and is disappointed to find that it's not as "Tahiti-ish" as he thought it'd be
    this was because they had already been living under French rule for so long. so rather than sympathize that an entire people's autonomy had been robbed from them, he was annoyed that it was too similar to what he was used to. k
  28. regardless, he stayed and had lots of teenage girlfriends
  29. he married a 13 year old and had a child with her like 2 seconds later
  30. the next summer, he went back to Paris (alone), and sold the works he'd made in Tahiti. he also dressed in Polynesian costume and had an affair with another "exotic" teenager whom he met in Paris
  31. in 1895 he returned to Tahiti, mostly because no one in Paris liked him
  32. he stayed there until 1901, when he found himself back in France. from France he moved to the Marquesas Islands in hopes of finding an even more "primitive" lifestyle
  33. he did find a 14 year old wife who gave him two kids, though
  34. while he did fall on some hard times, he basically island hopped for his remaining years