inspired by like my whole feed
  1. blair serving up humiliated-by-the-public-reveal-of-her-secret-affair-with-chuck-but-will-stay-at-constance-anyway #looks
  2. I keep meaning to send this to my friend
  3. my new springy home wallpaper
  4. I die
  5. I really like the early-morning quietness of the opening scene
  6. this was so nice of her to write. job searching is the actual worst. ps never heard back from the Whitney but at least I have this email ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. I put this in my list about math but it kills me so
  8. baby audrey
  9. this one photo set I put on tumblr and it like blew up?
  10. the real squad to be envied
  11. (this is what she was talking about)
  12. idk why this makes me laugh so much but here we are