I like open-air markets, but at what cost??
  1. mom to misbehaving daughter: BROOKLYN!
    daughter: I act like this because you named me brooklyn
  2. a girl passing out coupons for vinyard vines
    um so that's not how this place works.......
  3. me: oh cool a set of ceramic coasters
    coasters: $48 me: *moonwalks away*
  4. """healing crystals""" necklaces. $67
    first of all no. let's learn from spencer Pratt not repeat his mistakes. second where do u think you are, urban? you are displaying your shit on a POKER TABLE that price is gonna need to come wayyyy down. tf
  5. decrepit typewriters
  6. lemonade from a food truck! fun!
    $6. oh
  7. main line moms and their kids
    no Ava there is no time for froyo I must drop you at mandarin lessons or I'll be late for Pilates!!!!
  8. main line moms and their FUCKING cars
    imagine a parking lot. and it is filled with this car over and over and over
  9. necklaces whose pendants are mini book covers
    not into it
  10. necklaces whose pendants are big ass ye olde coins
    def not into it
  11. lots of dogs
    redemption (these are my dogs and they weren't there but idc bc look at those FACES)