by sing I mean aggressively belt
  1. defying gravity
  2. for good
    also OBVIOUSLY
  3. popular
    and DUH
  4. look what they've done to my song
    from the Miley Cyrus 2012 backyard sessions. this is very specific I know
  5. tongue tied
    by group love
  6. stay
    by MNDR
  7. hard to live in the city
    by Albert Hammond jr. a great little ditty for driving around the suburbs
  8. good day
    by nappy roots
  9. all of the sound of music
    except the nun ones because zzzzzzzz
  10. hey juliet
    by LMNT. classic lyrics include "I tried to page you twice, but I see you roll your eyes"
  11. all of 25
    again this is a given
  12. part of your world + under the sea
  13. colors of the wind
  14. circle of life + I just can't wait to be king + can you feel the love tonight
    NAAAAAAAAANNNNTS ingonyama bagithi Baba
  15. white houses
    this song was written specifically for car singing
  16. pennies from heaven
    Louis prima BLESS U
  17. good King Wenceslas
    when it's Christmas or not Christmas
  18. no scrubs
  19. baby one more time
    bowling for soup version
  20. more than a feeling
    ((more than a feeleeeengggg))
  21. 212
  22. blue + green + red albums
    by weezer. ok fine and make believe if I'm being truly honest