and by down the shore I mean OCNJ
  1. this needs to be prefaced with a warning: if you go during the second or third week of June, this whole list will be all for naught. just don't do it
    unless you really want to experience #oceanshitty with the rest of the freshly graduated high schoolers on their senior week #sweek
  2. Mack and Manco's
    I can't call it Manco and Manco's I'm sorry it's too ridiculous there's no way. but regardless of the passive aggressive name-change they still have the best pizza on the boardwalk
  3. Kohr Bros.
    you can get chocolate, vanilla, chocolate and vanilla swirl (yes OBVI saying this in Suzanne's voice), and then rainbow or chocolate jimmies or that chocolate syrup that freezes instantly. or at least those are the only options I have explored but tbh fruit has no place in ice cream so these should be all the options you need
  4. Promenade Food Court
    a fun outdoor food court. and if you believe that it's good luck to get shit on by birds you are gonna love this place!!!
  5. Shirt Shack
    ever wonder where those sad guys wearing shirts that have a bride and groom stick figure with the text "game over" got their shirts? look no further. also good for if you feel compelled to own five thousand garments adorned with OCBP. I think this picture pretty much says it all. regardless, usually fun to look around.
  6. Uncle Bill's Pancake House (21st & Asbury)
    I am salivating just thinking about their chocolate chip pancakes. an actual, genuinely good brunch place. plus, if you're on the first floor, the ocean is right across the boardwalk because they have an open-air facade (is that a term? what I'm trying to say is they don't have doors)
  7. Brown's donuts
    only open until like, 10 am, and WAY down the boardwalk past Wonderland, but if you like hot and fresh donuts you'll like Brown's
  8. 7th Street 🌞 Surf Shop
    everything is overpriced but it's fun to look
  9. Wonderland Pier
    a big amusement park that serves as a bookend to all the rest of the shops and restaurants (except for sneaky Brown's like a mile and a half away). it's got pretty good rides and if nothing else, a fun atmosphere (from a kid's perspective. if you're an adult it's probably a nightmare)
  10. Castaway Cove
    smaller than Wonderland but still pretty good- I mean, they have a doubleshot
  11. Surf Mall and Rock Star
    100% shady but also the best store on the boardwalk. I know that seems like a big claim but I only say it because this place can back it up. it's HUGE because it's two stores, and has an enormous classic rock music/memorabilia collection at the back. they also have those oxygen bars which I'm p sure are bad for you. you can also get "ocean city" + hibiscus/wave/sun/etc silkscreened on just about anything there.
  12. morning surrey rides
    just make sure you stay in your all aspects of your life, but esp. here
  13. Shriver's Saltwater Taffy
    personally, I find taffy kind of revolting, but they have fudge here too, and thats's what counts. you can watch them make the taffy in the back, which is pretty cool. and in their storefront they have these two dolls that perform slow acrobatic flips via some mechanism, and it's oddly mesmerizing
  14. Jilly's French Fry Factory
    "the best fry you'll ever try!" and while you're at it, grab an official Jilly's T-Shirt Factory™ t-shirt, too
  15. TLC Polish Ice
    water ice is a BFD in the tri-state area
  16. Johnson's Popcorn
    ALL THE CARAMEL POPCORN. and free refills if you bring your gigantic bucket back next year!!! (which we always remember as soon as we see a johnson's)
  17. Curly's Fries
    good curly fries...idk what else you'd be expecting
  18. The Original Fudge Kitchen
  19. any mini-golf
    I am only good at mini-golf if I cheat so I'm not too versed or invested in these places. however, I will say I am slightly more partial to Goofy Golf only for their enormous green frog (on the left) that exclaims "ribbet!....ribbet!..ribbet!" in lowering octaves every three minutes
  20. Bob's Lemonade
    Bob's is good for lemonade, funnel cakes, and deep fried Oreos
  21. Atlantic Books
    good for picking up inexpensive beach reads!
  22. Strand 5
    really good for a rainy day. I saw John tucker must die there at an age when I had to ask my mom if my friend and I could go and she didn't want me to because she thought it was a horror movie
  23. Litterer's Food Court
    not that great but they rebuilt after a fire so respect
  24. the beach! obviously!
    (buy the pass. there is no way around it)