I got my phone in December 2015 so this should be interesting.
  1. Okay but to be fair 50% of the photos on my phone are frozen yogurt. This was bound to happen.
  2. I had a sleepover on my new futon with my Mother. Safe to say it was a great night.
  3. Is this gross? I don't think so. I forgot to take a picture of my salad before I ate it, but it was really good and I felt like people needed to know
  4. My desk drawer! When my life is a mess I always focus on making one tiny piece of my material world obscenely organized. Idk.
  5. I don't know this woman. I took a screenshot of this off a dog breeders website just to send it to my friend with the caption "she's living my dream." I'm not getting a dog by the way I just saw a Pembroke Welsh Corgi on the street and it made me really happy so I did some research 🤓