more specifically Lyon, for 4 months. This list has very little substance beyond that but 😍🤗😊
  1. I've been doing my very best not to talk about this too much in person because literally everyone knows 10 people going on university exchange
  2. but on the Internet, I don't care!!! I'm going to France for 4 months and this is great and I'm excited!!!!
  3. also I do not speak French, OK. everyone's first question
    actually I'm Canadian so I took French class from Kindergarten - the 10th grade. Really, I don't count this. I can maybe get by for a couple hours?
  4. Honestly not knowing French is freaking me out (I'm working on it)
  5. BUT LYON!!!!
  6. I'm so excited!!!
  7. I welcome any tips and tricks (or places I should visit!) I've never travelled alone, and the longest I have vacationed in one place is 3 weeks. So this is a real adventure!!
  8. I leave in September
    depending on my work/money situation I might head out in August
  9. I can't wait.