1. 🙂🙃
    these two but only together. To be used when things aren't going badly but mildly awkward things are happening. So typically relevant.
  2. 🕴
    this is under "activities" I don't get it. I love it though. The emoji people label it Levitating Business Man. honestly no time is a bad time for this emoji.
  3. 🦄
    use whenever you or your friends are looking/feeling/radiating sparkles - no one will ever take this as an insult. Also, how do we know what unicorns would look like? I am amazed.
  4. 🍩
    because donuts.
  5. 🐳
    it's really cute and we get 2 whale emoji's? TWO?! The world is a great place.
  6. 😊
    mostly use when you're not quite sure if the person you are texting is being sincere or sarcastic. The more you use, the more likely it is sarcastic. Be careful of this.