normalizing self love is v important. I think I'm pretty good at it (maybe too good) so I thought I would share. Take an hour for yourself and be more prepared to take on the day! Suggestions welcome.
  1. Candles
    really it's hard to hate candles. If I'm really stressed sometimes I'll just take about 1 minute to stare at the flame. It calms me, I don't know.
  2. Snacks
    no specific rules on snacks, I like to eat baked goods (pro tip: everything tastes better warm) or gummies out of insanely fancy dishes - my personal favourite was Swedish berries out of my grandmothers crystal glass (I don't think I can top myself)
  3. Bath time
    the only additional things I can add are: Epsom salt, and bubble bath. I used to just use normal shower gel but to really get some gr8 bubbles you need to invest in some bubble bath. Maybe a bath bomb! add candles and music for bonus points!
  4. Face masks
    FACE. MASKS. this is a whole other list, if Sephora has it I will try it. If you're new to the game and want a bit of indulgence - those origins $5 individual packs should work (I know. $5 but really, it's one Starbucks or a train ticket to work if you're me.)
  5. Look into your own eyes
    I read somewhere once that a woman once made a pact with herself to "stare into her own eyes for 2 minutes daily" and it's really hard to hate yourself once you see how wonderful, bright, innocent your eyes are. I know it's like a thing couples do to increase intimacy but what relationship is more important than the one with yourself. 👀
  6. Netflix
    give yourself an hour or two! Watch crappy or not so crappy television! Decompress!
  7. Tea
    chai! peppermint! green! Honestly tea is great. Try to avoid caffeine (if you're me it just makes me more high strung, and that's saying something).
  8. Walk your animal
    I don't have an animal but I love walks alone. I figure adding an animal - dog! cat?! gerbil?? anyway, adding an animal could only make walks better.