Beautiful music that matches amazing films. No particular order.
  1. The Royal Tenenbaums
    When Hey Jude plays as mortecai flies free you just know the movie will have excellent music. It's used at all the best times. I want to list all of these times in detail but I will not. The ending !! When Margot gets off the bus !! okok I won't I won't
  2. Little Miss Sunshine
    I really loved Devotchka in this movie. Few scenes are as good as an entire family pushing a yellow van in slow motion while "The Winner Is" plays. A hugely dysfunctional family beautifully trying to make things work.
  3. Her
    Everything about this movie is beautiful. Did Arcade Fire win an award for this ? Arcade Fire should've won an award for this. Also every non-Arcade Fire song is great too.
  4. Beasts of the Southern Wild
    "Once There Was a Hushpuppy" is the number one song I'd stage a dance to. If I was an amazing dancer. Or choreographer. This song / the rest of the album tells such an epic story without saying anything at all. Trumpets !!
  5. Beginners
    "Beginners Theme Suite" might be my favorite song ever. Beginners is also really really high on my movie list. Such a sad / beautiful / uplifting / very real movie about life and parents and love and growing old. The music matches these themes perfectly.
  6. Palo Alto
    Many people didn't like this movie or wrote it off as angsty. Maybe it's because I'm still a teenager, but I thought this movie was a very real depiction of the emotions that are felt during adolescence. Either way, the music by Robert Shwartzman and Devonte Hynes is undeniably good. Fragile and haunting.
  7. Up
    "Married Life" is the only song that makes me go from happy to crying in two seconds.
  8. The Social Network
    The music is just as unsettling as the movie itself. A great opening sequence. Also ! an honorable mention to the use "creep" by the children's choir in the trailer. best trailer ever.
  9. Mistress America
    I loved the way they incorporated an 80s sound to this album. I'm constantly listening to it and lovin it.