Some thoughts on why The Martian is overrated.
  1. No Heart
    The Martian gives me no reason to care about Mark Watney other than the fact that he's a human (which should be a basic enough reason to care about someone not dying on Mars, but it's a movie: I need more. All we know about this homie is that he has parents and a botanist and hates disco music. Where's the character depth? At least show a corgi he really loves that's back at home and wants him to come back and take him on walks. TBH I didn't care he got rescued.
  2. Weird Science
    Shoutout to Childish Gambino for getting a tight role in a big budget film. Shoutout to his character for figuring out an astrophysics equation to save the day. The whole movie rode on this dude's math, though, and to be honest it didn't seem very credible. Also, the whole potato thing? Watney's own poop used as fertilizer? There was a whole lot of mumbo jumbo about water and hydrogen bombs, but no explanative proof that anything like what he tried would've worked. Also, y not another veggie?
  3. Aliens
    There were no aliens. Aliens are dope.