Day 3 of 30
  1. Honestly I'm not sure I've ever been in love. But the closest one was a girl I dated for four years through out high school. She was in college for the last three years. She wasn't my first kiss. It ended as soon as my high school years did. She's now married to her middle school first love and they have multiple children. I'm happy for her.
  2. First kiss. I want to say either Roxanne or Yvonne - which it might be noted that either of those two girls might actually be my first love even though I was just around 10-13 years old (5th grade). Both of those stories end terribly.
  3. I believe Roxanne was molested by my fifth grade teacher while I was outside the room, and then eventually I got tired of waiting for her to come out and so I went to recess outside. I really don't remember her ever talking to me again after that. I still think of her to this day.
  4. Yvonne was a girl who for me was glamorized by the sexy saxophonist on rumpshaker music video. She had the same tanned caramel skin. It was so beautiful. One time at the end of my pursuit of her she ripped up a love note or poem I wrote for her, alongside my best friend at that. People can be so Terribly mean. She's happily married with children.
  5. I've never been able to track down Roxanne.
  6. If it wasn't either of those girls then it was certainly Sarah. She was a few of my other firsts...