Day 6/30
  1. Honestly I'm not sure I can think of someone I personally know, which is saddening. Mainly because I think it is important to strive to be more than who you are, and without someone you're "chasing after" in this regard, my growth is well either moving at the speed of molasses or morosely dampening my growth.
  2. However I can certainly pick a "type" of person and that's someone who does what their heart calls them to do, with "unbending intent," as my father would say quoting Don Juan (I believe). This is something I struggle with mightily and believe that if I were to let go and give myself to me then I would be in a different place and stage literally,
  3. And figuratively.
  4. Now to me this is hinting at times of religious freedom and speaks to the former Christian spirit I used to nurture so heavily, and in many regards still feel a huge level of remorse for not continually pursing this as I did in my early 20's. Gosh that sounds so horrible to say, "early 20s." This post is making me feel contrite, not sure I like it.
  5. And it is not going to get any better but if I had to pick a person, it would be my father. And this is weighted in disfavor for more reasons against than for. Yet he's the only one that comes to mind. He's smart and talented and successful (on a few levels.) Those are admirable qualities, even with his great faults and lack of better personal...
  6. Judgement.