1. I got a brand new job in a new career
    I have been a full time theatre professional for 10 years and I decided it was time for a change. I am now an Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Academic Affairs at the University of Washington. So far this has been an exciting transition and I love the work I'm doing for the VP.
  2. I actually started exercising
    Working as a production and stage manager took pretty much every bit of energy I had to give. I often worked 60-70 hour weeks. I would get home and have no energy to do anything. I now have a job with a much better worn life balance. I have been regularly walking/running on the treadmill everyday. It's nice to have the energy to do that now
  3. I got a big ass raise!!!
    Let's be honest....working in non-profit theatre, while fulfilling, doesn't always pay well. It's nice to feel financially secure for once.
  4. Basically it has been a good month and I'm ready for this next step in my journey.