How to Make a Stage Manager Happy

As requested by @dudleyjoshua
  1. Help Ceate a positive energy in the room
    Negativity in theatre just affects the entire room. Actors who bring positivity and encouragement are everything. I always try do to this as a Stage Manager...I love when actors are also doing that.
  2. Buying us chocolate
    I'm pretty sure this is in the fine print of all your equity contracts...but somehow it keeps getting missed :)
  3. Being word perfect
    Or as close as possible. We will love you forever.
  4. Not letting the audience get to you.
    Yes...sometimes there are dicks in the audience. Sometimes people fall asleep. You're job is to keep telling the story. Do not let one audience member affect your performance. Don't let one audience member ruin the show for the rest of the audience.
  5. Deal with yourself
    You're job is to act and to make sure you are bringing the best you can to the show. Your job is not to worry about the other actors and give them notes. If you have issues with another actor, go to the Stage Manager first. They will be your ally.
  6. Not having conflicts
    We get it. Things happen. But MAN...we sure love an actor without any conflicts. But remember...this is your have to show up.
  7. Respecting the Director
    Do not have a fight with your director in front of everyone. If you have issues, come to your stage manager. Unless there is something major going on, the Director must have your respect and do as they direct.
  8. Enjoy yourself
    It makes me so happy to watch actors who truly love being an actor.