1. Being Late
    No I don't care that you couldn't find parking. I had the same issue but I got here on time.
  2. Not memorizing your lines
    We don't expect you to be perfect, but we all know when you haven't practiced. Don't done about how hard it is to memorize your lines. IT'S YOU JOB!
  3. Treating the Stage Manager like your personal Assistant
    Guess what...we have a big job and grabbing you coffee is not on my to do list. Get it yourself on your next break.
  4. Complaining when the Stage Manager gives you notes
    Guess what...once the show opens that is our job. We have to maintain the shows artistic integrity. We watch the show every day and know it better than anyone. If we weren't giving notes the show could become completely different from what it was intended.
  5. Not having your own pair of character shoes, Jackets, and skirts
    This is a unique pet peeve to me...not everyone gets mad about it. I just think it's ridiculous to not have those. Not everyone theatre company has the time or money to provide rehearsal items.
  6. The truth is I love actors and want you to succeed. Just every now and then I want to rip your heads off.