My first fly fishing trip

I went on a half day guided fishing trip in the Rocky Mountain National Park with my Dad. We went with the Sasquach fly Fishing company. They are awesome. Highly recommended if you want to fish up in the national park.
  1. Here is the group we were with, We are getting a casting lesson from the guides.
  2. Dad fishing with one of the guides. I wish I could remember his name. He was great and very experienced.
  3. Here's me fishing. Obviously I'm looking super sexy in those Waders
  4. Dad caught one fish for the day. Here it is. That's a happy dad right there.
  5. And yes...I caught a fish too! It was so exciting. Unfortunately, I was too big of a chicken to actually hold our guide held it while I just pointed at it. I know...I'm the coolest.
  6. To sum up...I had a great day and I would totally do it again.