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  1. [I wish that I could] write like I'm running out of time [because I am].
  2. Take a break
    But I can't.
  3. A mess, she looked pathetic
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  1. Teenagers
  2. People who have hilarious Twitter feeds
  3. Middle school girls who skipped their ugly phase
Many more can be included (obviously) but these are the ones that get the biggest reaction. Please don't hate me, I'm just uneducated.
  1. Star Wars
    Kinda... I was forced to watch the 1st one (which apparently is the 4th? I don't care..) two weeks ago in class. A major part of my identity is now missing.
  2. Titanic
    Yes, I know it's on netflix, but why would I willingly sit there by myself and purposefully make myself cry when there are 9 seasons of The Office I could re-watch?
  3. Lord of the Rings
    Especially difficult at a school that's obsessed with Tolkien & C.S. Lewis
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This is what I get for trying to be cultured.
  1. Ran from one end of the nearby mall to the other for a mediocre pizza
  2. Walked to the wrong theater
  3. Found the right theater (finally)
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The real question is, do we need any of them? #emojiupdate
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  2. 2.
  3. 3.
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  1. Water boiling
    It gets worse the hungrier you are
  2. Getting your life together
  3. Pictures loading on Instagram
    The worst part is you don't even know if it's a good picture that's worth the wait
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And by best I mean from middle school and terrible.
  1. Toy Store Twins
    I don't even look good in this, nor do we look similar AT ALL.
  2. Photoshopped Boyfriend
    From that one time I got a picture of my face photo shopped on to Liam Payne's girlfriend's body for Christmas.
  3. S'mores gone wrong
    I actually remember getting compliments on this one so maybe I don't regret it.
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