1. Getting my IWC watch fixed. It's been 8 months since I've broke it. Whilst the Apple Watch is cool, nothing beats a Swiss automatic time piece.
  2. Decide on my career. Do I continue to make great money and stay in my current job? I'm not sure if I can live in sales, great money but not as fulfilling as I would want my career to be.
  3. Specify what I'm good at. Can I make a career out of it?
  4. Buy a house/sort out living situation. I would love to get out of my parents house, without renting. Buying a house is a great option, but must lock down my career path first.
  5. Travel. See the world. Asia in particular. Would love to visit home
  6. Settle down.
  7. Save money. Be smart with my finances. Save for my future.
  8. Be creative. Think of different ways to get my creative thoughts
  9. Perform. Play more live shows