So you're at a Hillary rally or local Patagonia store.... HOW to tell if you've encounter a Bernie bro.
  1. He wears a minimalist leather band watch. But does that thing where the face of the watch faces inward so you opens his arm to glance down at the time.
  2. He's TOALLY cool with going down on you, but still thinks it's a bartering system... "I'll do you, if you do me."
  3. He says shit like "Jane Austen reinforces heteronormative narratives" thinking you'll be into it.
  4. He wears vintage baseball caps or backwards SnapBack with witty sayings on them.
  5. His mom probably has a shrine to Hillary in their second guest bedroom.
  6. He needs a haircut
  7. He is constantly stoned. And calls himself a 'functional stoner.'
  8. Knows a little bit about a lot of things, but doesn't know much about anything.