This scared the crap out of me. Highly recommend this horror movie, especially if you don't typically enjoy them. Less gore than an episode of Game of Thrones. Don't worry, NO SPOILERS
  1. The premise
    A slow, dread inducing burn, it haunts the audience with things everyone can relate to, walking and sex.
  2. The soundtrack
    The soundtrack was incredible. I won’t say Disasterpeace “graduated” from video game soundtracks, cause I love his soundtracks, but it’s awesome that he got to score such a big/indie movie.
  3. The setting
    There’s something unsettling about not knowing what decade the movie takes place in. 80’s cars, modern Portlandia clothing, e-readers from the future, no cell phones.
  4. The cinematography
    I’m not one to notice or comment on cinematography most of the time, but in this case I can see how much of an impact it had on the sense of impending doom. Huge 360 shots, long hallways, forest mazes, always waiting to see what would be walking towards you.