Requested long ago by @solena but I've been nostalgic so I'm gonna go for it quick!
  1. We didn't know much about each other, but that we went to rival universities. I walked in with my red St. John's hooded sweatshirt, his reaction was priceless. The rest is history.
  2. Going to Ellie Goulding with @lesleyann
    We sat in line (alone) for twelve hours. Every moment was worth it and very on-brand for us. The highlights are endless.
  3. Learning about the history and the fun of The St Paul Winter Carnival with @Northern_Orion
    I met his brother, and his sister-in-law. We froze but we fought. We ate and we drank. The cheese curds were worth it, the hot chocolate was not. That alcoholic ginger ale was lit and the Vulcans were too. Now this year was better as will be the next few!
  4. Going to the Irish Festival with @Northern_Orion's family and meeting his parents
    Music, food, dance, shopping, general pomp and circumstance and the most welcoming, caring family I've ever been embraced by.
  5. Taking @AllyHainlin to her first First Avenue show with @lesleyann
    Broods were amazing. I'm proud of how my sister holds herself.
  6. Decorating @Northern_Orion's parents' front yard for Halloween
    That little neighbor girl really kept the vision in line. Stopping for a break to drink with all the elderly neighbors was a riot. I ate too much shredded pork.
  7. Meeting Catfish And The Bottlemen backstage at First Avenue
    We paid parking, you got us in for free, we didn't die back there in the garage and we also didn't get kicked out. Turns out we're a pretty big deal. The boys were very British and they killed their set.
  8. Trolling with The Beauty And The Beast List teasers
    @marymurphy @joemurphy @lesleyann @k8mcgarry @brimattia @drugs and many many more of you all deserve an award for putting up with me and playing along.
  9. Becoming IRL friends, albeit still digitally (so far) with a number of listers, but especially close friends with @drugs @k8mcgarry @brimattia & @LizDawson
    I'm so thankful for the strength and listening you've shared and given me this last year.
  10. The Holidays
    @Northern_Orion and I shared so many amazing moments over Thanksgivings and Christmases with each other and each other's families. We are truly blessed to have had our 2016 holidays work out the way they did. A new baby, I met his sister, we met each other's families and learned their traditions and made new ones too. I'm so lucky for it all.
  11. Going to the First Avenue Prince memorial block party the night Prince passed
    People everywhere. The smell of all the flowers left by his star on the wall outside first ave. The music. The gravity of the movement and the impact it had on everyone there.
  12. Time with friends
    @Northern_Orion and I got on the boat with Callie and the gang, we all went to the State Fair, we hit up the bars, I met so many new people, great people. We made food and had parties and people sang karaoke and met up with @meganagall and @Jacksalack a few times, and just wow what a year for memories!
  13. Coming Out to my Friends and Family
    I was blessed to have a very positive, supportive, and healing experience. I was lucky enough to tell both my grandmothers in person and have their full support and happiness for me. I took my time as needed and met with the people I cared to talk to in person, I called others and let others find out. I'm still working on it, but this was one of my greatest triumphs over 2016, a truly Nasty Year.
  14. Giphy