❤❤❤ @k8mcgarry
  1. Taron Egerton would be lucky to procreate with you.
  2. When Harry Styles looks lost, it's because he's looking for you.
  3. You're the 5th Harmony in everyone's life.
  4. You tweeted that shade with a skilled, pointed vagueness that successfully reached your target without looking petty.
  5. Taron Egerton wants to sing to you every morning, every night, and on every anniversary, birthday, holiday, bad day, and good day you share.
  6. Taylor Swift is only cool when YOU say she is.
  7. You could eat Piers Morgan for breakfast. And you get up early enough for it.
  8. Niall's next single is about you.
  9. If (s)he isn't with you, (s)he isn't for you.
  10. The crossword puzzle wasn't too hard for you, you just have better things to do: people to see, places to be.
  11. Taron Egerton works out for you.
  12. Zayn wants a pillowcase of you, too.
  13. You rock those red lips.
  14. You're funnier than that guy that thinks he's funnier than you.
  15. You're a strong, independent woman that doesn't need no man, just a boy band.
  16. Taron Egerton actually loves you more than he loves Colin Firth.
  17. Any of the One Direction members would be so lucky. (Except Liam. You're on a level so far ahead that he can't reach).
  18. You are a woman. Hear you roar!
  19. Your brows are fierce.
  20. Your motherly presence is a comfort to all you care for.
  21. Taron Egerton told me to bring you flowers for him, but I brought you this garden instead.
  22. Taron Egerton could bang every man and woman in the world and still wish he went home to you.
  23. Taron Egerton jizzed his pants.
  24. The future is Kate McGarry, you, are Kate McGarry.
  25. Static