ALL CAPS w/ Kate & Bri - Revelations (Episodes 1-3)

  1. Do you know? Do you?
  2. Episode 1: okay, do I like Ellie Goulding more than anyone else in the planet beside @lesleyann?
    We waited over 12 fucking hours to see her, alone. And these bitches don't even love her???
  3. Episode 1: okay, I could kill for Ellie Goulding.
  4. Episode 1: I have goals about how little Kate McGarry can handle things and the noises she makes in the process of attempting to handle things like Niall having a barbecue.
  5. Episode 1: I will never have chill about them not giving me credit.
  6. Episode 1, Takeaway: Kate & Bri are maniacal evil geniuses and are hilarious mofos.
  7. Episode 2: I am that weird boy that started playing off the sexual and innuendous nature of @stevecady's lists and is now just this highkey fanboy trying to "bro out" with Steve Cady and probably just looks like the opening of Oliver & Company.
  8. Episode 2: but wait for me cuz I still haven't seen Zayn as a woman... Am I ready?
  9. Episode 2: Steve Cady's laugh following Kate's heinously ridiculous and dramatic assertions is my favorite thing online right now.
  10. Episode 2, Takeaway: My obsession with The List App and Bri and Kate and Steve is unhealthy, I don't know enough about 1D ~yet~ and the people want me to have my life together enough to be a guest on this show. I want to go to there.
  11. Episode 3: FMK The 1975 Minus Matty Healy... I'm sorry... I'm having a second sexual awakening solely surrounding this Adam Hann baby...
  12. Episode 3: I would Fuck AND Marry Adam Hann and Kill both the others, and I'm not even one to break the carnal rules of FMK.
  13. Episode 3: I am either a hater/critic of this podcast series or I am part of "The Squad" that will back them up no matter what awful things they say, but probably I'm both somehow.
  14. Episode 3: wow okay it is so easy to play Kate, get her riled up. Her future boyfriends (Niall & Ross) will use that against her, and I'm gonna have to protect her like a big brother even though she might be older than me and is definitely stronger than me.
  15. Episode 3, Takeaway: @k8mcgarry & @brimattia are really good friends and this whole thing is so sweet.