Weirdly introspective emotional crutches lie here, prostrate for all to see.
  1. Jim Halpert (The Office)
    I got the girl...
  2. Jess (New Girl)
    She questioned teaching and everything I questioned at the same time as me. Liz Merriweather made a show ABOUT ME.
  3. Anna & Jacob (Like Crazy)
    I had to get back together with her even though I knew I'd never love again...
  4. Tom ((500) Days Of Summer)
    I thought that love was real but fleeting... That the chase had to be done alone, in bed, listening to The Smiths.
  5. Rapunzel (Tangled)
    Literally when will my life begin?
  6. Michael (Billy Elliot)
    I can do what I want and like what I like and it DOESN'T MEAN I'M GAY. Wait.
  7. Harry Potter
    No comment. This is the most embarrassing one in here.