1. I gambled today? On horses? For a bachelor party?
    More on that later.
  2. I sent some pretty ugly snaps to @brimattia @k8mcgarry & @drugs tonight and there's screenshots.
  3. I plugged my own list from like 6 months ago on @marymurphy's list.
    Karma Out, Karma In: Mary's List Get out
  4. I'm falling asleep and I'm too lazy to get up and turn off the alarms I won't need tomorrow morning.
  5. I "made kiss" without "the talk" from dad, @stevecady.
  6. I ate egg rolls twice today.
  7. I only pretended I knew that Weezer trivia question at Buffalo Wild Wings to look cool.
  8. I am pretty sure @joemurphy was hiking shirtless today?
  9. I don't text @mirthnuts nearly enough.
  10. I envied @lesleyann's lakeside pic so much.
  11. I saw this dad at Buffalo Wild Wings with a pink slush margarita draped off his wrist check out one of the guys in my ol' roomie's bachelor party group and I didn't even blame him.
  12. I ate egg rolls twice today.