So, I guess @marymurphy was reading some fanfiction.
  1. Aladdin & Kristoff
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    The flirting would be sickening, tbh.
  2. Belle & Milo
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    Ewh, someone beat me to this... tbh.
  3. Flounder and Dory
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    We all have wayyyyy too much time on our hands, tbh.
  4. Phil & The Bar Wenches
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    1/3 tbh.
  5. Phil & Agrabah's Daughters
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    2/3 tbh.
  6. Phil & The Mermaids
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    3/3 tbh.
  7. Fauna and Kronk
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    Kronk and his cougars, tbh.
  8. Tantor and Edna Mode
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    Spring Line inspiration, tbh.
  9. Oaken and Prince Phillip
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    GAYYYYY tbh.
  10. Jafar and Pooh
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    Would be hilarious watching Jafar put up with Pooh's shit, tbh.
  11. Need someone for this gal,
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