#SpoilerAlert it's all of them.
  1. Tangled
    Kidnapped for magical hair.
  2. Oliver & Company
    Jenny kidnapped to a shipyard for ransom.
  3. Tarzan
    What REALLY happened in that Treehouse, Kala?
  4. The Great Mouse Detective
    Fucking scariest kidnapping of all time.
  5. Rescuers
    Penny kidnapped because some reason.
  6. Rescuers Down Under
    Cody stollen cuz of some emotional connection with an old bird, I mean same. #Australia'sWeird
  7. Meet The Robinsons
    Sly son-of-a-bitch stole his own future dad to the future.
  8. Hercules
    I guess since it was "too late, young Herc was mortal now," the empty-nester life came pretty sweet to Zeus and Hera...
  9. The Aristocats
    Kidnapped for The Estate #DowntonLife
  10. Pinocchio
    Honestly just what the fuck.
  11. 101 Dalmatians
    Nanny, this is a Disney movie, the police won't be any help, let the dogs do their job.
  12. Aladdin
    Aladdin's "arrest" was really more of a kidnapping for the corrupt commissioner of the guards, Jafar's own personal aspirations. Aladdin taught us to lie to the people we love, Aladdin also taught us not to trust authority.
  13. The Jungle Book
    Mowgli kidnapped by Wolves, Mowgli kidnapped by Panther, Mowgli kidnapped by Bear, Mowgli kidnapped by Monkeys, Mowgli kidnapped by Python, it all gets a bit boring, really. Stay out of the Jungle, kids.
  14. Cinderella
    Let's all agree to count familial enslavement as kidnapping?
  15. The Lion King
    It's like the Republicans always told us, you could never trust a gay couple who wanted a kid. NOW look what happened.
  16. Sleeping Beauty
    Three fairies impersonate humans and kidnap the Princess Aurora to the Forrest.
  17. Mulan
    Stollen away to the national army by her own socio-structural guilt for having been born a woman who couldn't openly enroll to save her crippled father's life.
  18. Beauty & The Beast
    You want that iconic humans vs cookware battle-scene? Well, this movie woulda just been about Beast's creepy stockholm-keep of Belle and their "blossoming love" if Maurice didn't go and get Kidnapped. Maurice really just gave Belle a lot of trouble the entire time.
  19. Hunchback Of Notre Dame
    Being kidnapped actually sorta a blessing compared to being dropped down a well, but I mean this movie is full doozie, so...
  20. The Little Mermaid
    I'm just saying, and Flounder is clearly the Theon Greyjoy of this series. Season 3 is gonna make you shit.