1. Prince Philip
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    Killer hair, great bod, ooh fashion fashion, can work a hat, and a cape.
  2. Aladdin
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    Nearly shirtless, muscular, baby face, long dark hair, runs a lot so great legs.
  3. Prince Eric
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    Dark hair and blue eyes, a weakness of mine. Dimples, deep v's, and a rockin upper bod.
  4. Hercules
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    Sweatbands make me weak, bro pecs, curly smooth locks, biceps, that jawline.
  5. Prince Charming
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    Super-dee-duuper-dee kissable lips, great bangs, strong chin, melting smile, eyelashes that kill.
  6. Simba
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    Great smile, great hair, great ass.
  7. Flynn Rider
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    Enchanting eyes, great kissable lips, fun, movable haircut but needs a trim, great fashion sense and bod.
  8. Peter Pan
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    Cute, slim, rocks tight pants and cool shoes. Expressionate face, tons of bangs, wears beanie-like hat.
  9. Tarzan
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    Completely shirtless, scary huge pecs, "can't touch this" abs, shamelessly long hair, strong jaw, a little tattered and tortured.
  10. Prince Naveen
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    Working that hat, strong arms, great fashion, expressionate face, nice hair.
  11. Prince Edward
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    Yes James Marsden, yes.
  12. Prince Adam
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    Greaaaaaat eyes and huuuuuuge hands.
  13. Bambi
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    With antlers... 👓👓👓
  14. Phoebus
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    Exaggerative, sassy eyebrows and facial expressions, a bit of scruff, strong upper body, big nose.
  15. John Smith
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    A strong-ass face chiseled from Grade-A granite.
  16. Li Shang
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    Clearly lifts.
  17. Kristoff
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    Cute and flirty, love his fashion style too. Unpopular opinion just not really my type...
  18. Prince Florian
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    K, level with me - this is actually just Snow White dressed as a Prince, no?
  19. Kuzco
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    It's all a bit much for me... Too pointy, too douchey, too big facial features.
  20. Prince Hans
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    Okay honestly, this guy sucks. But he's pretty hot, if he'd just get rid of those damn sideburns.
  21. HAHAHA! Oh, silly me. I thought this request said PRINCES not PRINCESSES
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