1. Prince Philip
    Killer hair, great bod, ooh fashion fashion, can work a hat, and a cape.
  2. Aladdin
    Nearly shirtless, muscular, baby face, long dark hair, runs a lot so great legs.
  3. Prince Eric
    Dark hair and blue eyes, a weakness of mine. Dimples, deep v's, and a rockin upper bod.
  4. Hercules
    Sweatbands make me weak, bro pecs, curly smooth locks, biceps, that jawline.
  5. Prince Charming
    Super-dee-duuper-dee kissable lips, great bangs, strong chin, melting smile, eyelashes that kill.
  6. Simba
    Great smile, great hair, great ass.
  7. Flynn Rider
    Enchanting eyes, great kissable lips, fun, movable haircut but needs a trim, great fashion sense and bod.
  8. Peter Pan
    Cute, slim, rocks tight pants and cool shoes. Expressionate face, tons of bangs, wears beanie-like hat.
  9. Tarzan
    Completely shirtless, scary huge pecs, "can't touch this" abs, shamelessly long hair, strong jaw, a little tattered and tortured.
  10. Prince Naveen
    Working that hat, strong arms, great fashion, expressionate face, nice hair.
  11. Prince Edward
    Yes James Marsden, yes.
  12. Prince Adam
    Greaaaaaat eyes and huuuuuuge hands.
  13. Bambi
    With antlers... 👓👓👓
  14. Phoebus
    Exaggerative, sassy eyebrows and facial expressions, a bit of scruff, strong upper body, big nose.
  15. John Smith
    A strong-ass face chiseled from Grade-A granite.
  16. Li Shang
    Clearly lifts.
  17. Kristoff
    Cute and flirty, love his fashion style too. Unpopular opinion just not really my type...
  18. Prince Florian
    K, level with me - this is actually just Snow White dressed as a Prince, no?
  19. Kuzco
    It's all a bit much for me... Too pointy, too douchey, too big facial features.
  20. Prince Hans
    Okay honestly, this guy sucks. But he's pretty hot, if he'd just get rid of those damn sideburns.
  21. HAHAHA! Oh, silly me. I thought this request said PRINCES not PRINCESSES