Bringin back chain mail kinda.
  1. @stevecady - request the hottest babe on to list their biggest turn-ons.
  2. @lesleyann - request the persona with your fav aesthetic to list 10 artistic and visually pleasing pics of boyband members/Harry Styles.
  3. @Jacksalack - request one of the first 10 people on this list (not @lesleyann) to list about their first impressions of @michael_circa91.
  4. @mirthnuts - request someone wise to list your fortunes.
  5. @brimattia - request a man you low-key respect with apprehension to list the funniest women in their life and why.
  6. @marymurphy - request The People to list the pros and cons of removing your tonsils.
  7. @joemurphy - request someone funny to list patterns they'd wear on their shoes if money weren't an issue.
  8. @k8mcgarry - request someone clean to list something dirty.
  9. @drugs - request someone dirty to list something clean.
  10. @chriscady - request a deeply religious person to list your sins.
  11. @dubstep - request an artist to list about the things on the floor in their room.
  12. @shanaz - request someone nostalgic to list about the future.
  13. @alexim - request someone American to list something British.
  14. @vmacies - request your newest pal to list about their past experiences with dance.
  15. @brynelle - request someone cool to list something hot.
  16. @ijeoma - request a close friend to list about 10 things that make them ____. (Your choice)
  17. @franksars - request the person that first friended/followed you outside to list about their favorite things they did or happened this summer.
  18. @alanarogerrrrs - request the sweetest person on to list about their favorite sweets.
  19. @TQ - request a mom to list about her favorite "Dad Music"
  20. @PeteOnEarth - request someone who lives in the state you'd most like to visit to list about things to not do in that state.
  21. @estherlimtf - request someone you respect to list their recipe for success.
  22. @RachelP - request someone with the same favorite color as you to list pics of their favorite things they own that are that color.
  23. @roaringsoftly - request someone close to you to list about a place they've been that's far from you.
  24. @ErinFlaherty - request someone you always relist to list about the number of times they think about their family for one whole day.
  25. @joakes - request someone beautiful to list about what grosses them out.
  26. @e - request someone with the same hair color as you to list about their favorite outfits.
  27. @alligeeshow - request the last person you relisted to list about the last 10 lists they relisted.
  28. @classicalexa - request someone with sunglasses on in their profile pic to list about the times they felt coolest in their own skin.
  29. @Lisa_Fav - request someone adventurous list about crazy cool treehouses they'd live in.
  30. @graceadilla - request someone you've had cheesy thoughts about list about their favorite cheese dishes.
  31. @stars - request someone who inspires you to list about 10 things that spark their imagination.
  32. @kaitmaree - request someone who's read a book you read within the last year to list about their goals for the week.
  33. @JonMarsh - request someone you think could use a smile to list about the things that always make them smile.
  34. @lame - request someone cool to list about their lamest moments.
  35. @manda - request the lister out of the first five listers you think of who has posted the most lists to list pics of the sky every time they walk outside that day.
  36. @Melodie - request one of the last 8 listers on this list to list about which movies they are looking forward to this year.
  37. @keira - request a lister that shares your sense of humor to list inanimate objects they pass on their way to work.
  38. @LizDawson - request a lister who you think is brave to list about the bravest people in their life.
  39. @nelle - request a partier to list about how they'd decorate for your birthday party.
  40. @bware427 - request someone you'd give flowers to to list about the types of flowers they'd give different listers.
  41. @BWN_7 - request your favorite storyteller to list a story of their childhood favorite storyteller.
  42. @roche - request someone mysterious to list fake names they'd use if they were a spy.
  43. @victoriaedel - request someone you think would smell good to list about their favorite smells.
  44. @ltoiaivao - request the last person whose list you liked to list about things they'd do to make the world spin a little happier if they were a fairy godmother.
  45. @celestestelle - request a music nut to list about 5 albums they are looking forward to this year.
  46. @xtineengels - request someone intense to list about a camping experience.
  47. @kiraandlulu - request someone friendly to list about their best friend.
  48. @spicymeatball - request someone who gives you confidence to list about 10 things they know for certain.
  49. @magic - request the first live voice you heard from to list about speeches they remember most vividly.
  50. @Boogie - request someone you'd hang out with to list about their favorite games.
  51. @amieshmamie - request someone strong to list about what they eat for breakfast for an entire week.
  52. @kcupcaker - request someone special to you to list about their favorite gifts they've ever received.
  53. @solena - request someone on this list you don't know to list about the 5 movies that best describe them.
  54. @natecorddry - request a city slicker to list about their favorite hipster folk bands.
  55. @Diplomatic_diva - request a groovy kid to list ranking their favorite Christina Aguilera songs.
  56. @DavidRobson - request someone that reminds you of N*SYNC to list about their favorite sense memories.
  57. @DawnCloud - request someone on this list to list about a time they laughed hardest.
  58. @dustinboone - request a stud to list about manly things that they do.
  59. @ashleyanwiler - request someone with your name to list about their favorite plant and animal pairings.
  60. @dfly - do you even request?
  61. @dev - request @bjnovak to list the secret codes.