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  1. I dare you to have something to say...
  2. Ok what's with this clock thing. They probably don't but they better not skip Belle's opening solo. Disney, Ye be warned!
  3. Least favorite character/thing I've seen or heard so far sorry.
  4. At least they brought back the windows and shutters.
  5. I like the set, the costumes are great, Emma looks magical.
  6. This eyebrow raise when she says "Like always" was 500% Hermione WOW
  7. Belle is like sassy? I mean I am all for the strong independent feminist modern woman but the way she purchased(?) (stole?) that bread was a lil rude.
  8. Oh look, Belle found a horse. And has a pocket big enough for a loaf of bread. Something women these days cannot relate to at all.
  9. @k8mcgarry has a fair point about how weirdly they've made Belle a horse girl in this.
  10. This was the first big diversion from the original score and song (timing and lyrics) and I had to make myself be okay with it, but ultimately I liked and appreciated this interaction, it was very Belle.
  11. Okay donkey this time but still like horses??
  12. Ooooh again with the kinda playfully shady sass?? I mean the OG Belle had wits and sass too in her own way so I don't hate it.
  13. I laughed out loud at his line, "sounds boring." Like yea okay dude Belle needed to be put in her place for that.
  14. I liked this interpretation of the lyric and the little marching schoolboys.
  15. Pairing the "dazed and distracted" lyric with a teacher slapping the school boys for gawking at the hot bookish girl is funny & creative. I do think it kinda detoured from introducing Belle in that moment, which is ultimately the purpose of the song, by not showing her being dazed/distracted. But then perhaps they introduce her in another way here.
  16. They lengthened/changed the music here just to have her hop across a river a few times which I didn't like.
  17. It's a ~slightly~ different feel from the original as she meanders through the townspeople singing about her... like they seem more surprised by her whereas the original it is the same thing every day for everyone there and the mundanity of it all is what ultimately bores Belle. Maybe she's doing more about it in this version? Less passive?
  18. but the general idea is there and I'm enjoying it.
  19. Read it and weep, @marymurphy