1. Winky The House Elf
    "Good one!... Obscure!..." (AVPM, anyone?)
  2. Elphias Doge
    The dude wears a lotta good shirts.
  3. Ripper
  4. Errol
    Drunk-ass pigeon! Lol.
  5. Alicia Spinnet
    Always felt like she and Harry were hiding their feelings from each other...
  6. Augusta Longbottom
    Feisty, spirited, and supportive, and a great fashion sense.
  7. Tom the Inn Keeper
    This guy saw the most radical concept changes throughout the movies. His actor was clearly a genius, you'd never know!
  8. Rita Skeeter's Photographer
    Dude has seen some SHIT.
  9. Reg Cattermole
    He and Ron seemed a great match. Hermione is so smart, have I ever mentioned how much I like Hermione?? HARRY POTTER CHARACTERS: RANKED BEST TO EFFING WORST
  10. The (Common) Welsh Green
    This Dragon sounded cool to me. HMU